General Dentistry in Anchorage, AK

General Dentistry in Anchorage, AK

A general dentist is trained to prevent, diagnose, and treat all conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and jaw. A general dentist can perform various procedures to restore teeth and repair oral health issues. This includes tooth fillings or dental crowns to treat cavities; dental implants to replace missing teeth; periodontal treatment to address gum disease; root canal therapy to save a tooth when it falls prey to a cavity; tooth extraction for wisdom teeth removal and more. Routine checkups can help prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other common ailments before they form and require extensive treatment. At Emerald Peak Dental, our dentist will also screen you for oral cancer during annual cleanings and exams and provide tips for maintaining a good oral hygiene routine at home.

General Dentistry Treatment Options

  • Professional Cleanings

Regular professional cleanings are the best way to prevent plaque buildup and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss and costly restorative procedures. We recommend you have a professional cleaning every six months and schedule these appointments around your routine checkup and cleanings.

  • Fluoride Treatments

When children’s permanent teeth erupt, fluoride treatments can be applied to the tooth enamel to strengthen it against decay. At our dentist’s office, you can also have topical fluoride treatments applied directly to your teeth during your regular checkups. These treatments are affordable and crucial for protecting your child’s smile.

  • Sealants

We can provide plastic or composite resin sealants to children and teenagers whose permanent molars have yet to erupt. These thin coatings will seal off the grooved chewing surfaces of molars to keep food particles from getting stuck inside and causing tooth decay. Dental sealants are an affordable way to protect your kids’ smiles.

  • Mouthguards

Another standard general dentistry treatment is mouthguards for sports-related oral injuries. We provide custom-made mouthguards to protect you or your children from severe oral injuries while playing contact sports like hockey, football, and baseball. Custom-made mouthguards are far less expensive than treating an injury resulting from a sports-related accident.

The Advantages of General Dentistry

  • You can prevent many problems by taking good care of your smile
  • Your teeth and gums will be healthier overall
  • You’ll improve your appearance
  • It’s more affordable than restorative care

Patients of all ages can benefit from our general dentistry services. Visit Emerald Peak Dental at 615 E. 82nd Ave Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99518, or call 907-562-1686 for the best dental care.


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